Hello again. Today, I have had a task to check the status of a service on all my servers. Since I didn´t have much time, I decided to make a quick and ugly script to check the status of the service. So lets start. First, we need to get all our computer names and put Read More →

PsExec – Remotely Connect and Logoff a User So, as the title says, sometimes when you have two users already connected remotely to a server, you need to disconnect someone, or to log him off or something… Well, you contact that person and ask politely to logoff by him\herself, and they don´t want to do Read More →

Uptime of the server with PowerShell Hi peoples. This morning I had to check the Uptime of the server, and I must admit, I have totally forgot how to check the uptime of the server hehe… Nevertheless, I have managed to find the command and check the uptime of the server. This post is going Read More →