Hello everyone. Today I am going to write a little bit about this amazing set of tools from Microsoft contained in Windows ADK (Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit). You can use this tool to customize, assess, and deploy Windows Operating Systems to new computers. I will not explain how to install Windows ADK, but instead Read More →

Uptime of the server with PowerShell Hi peoples. This morning I had to check the Uptime of the server, and I must admit, I have totally forgot how to check the uptime of the server hehe… Nevertheless, I have managed to find the command and check the uptime of the server. This post is going Read More →

Active Directory installation task would be quite easy for everyone who had installed it at least once in his/her lifetime. For those new, there is nothing to be afraid for. You’ll see that this is quite straightforward task. Why do we need Active Directory, you might ask? Well, Active Directory (AD) is a directory service Read More →