Change IIS default port - IIS Manager console

Change IIS default port in IIS 8 Manager

Hello everyone. Back again. Recently, I have had a request from the Application team to change the IIS default port on a one of our Production servers.

Apparently, they had an application which had supposed to use port 80 (port 80 is the default IIS port of the default web site in IIS). So, they kindly asked me to change the default port to something else.

I said fine, no problem, everything for our mighty application team 🙂 – because it is really easy to change IIS default port.

I have opened Server Manager console on the server (btw, this is Windows Server 2012 R2 server):

Change IIS default port - Server Manager

lets click on Tools tab > IIS Manager console

Change IIS default port - IIS Manager console

IIS Manager console will open. Navigate to server name > Sites > Default Web Site just like I did in the screenshot

Change IIS default port - Default Web Site


On the right side, you have Actions field pane. Look for Edit Site field > Bindings


Change IIS default port - Bindings

As you may see, we have a website, which uses port 80 (http). When you click on Bindings, a window will open.

This is how Site Bindings window looks like:

Change IIS default port - Site Bindings

Now, click on a HTTP binding and then click the EDIT… button. New window will open:

Change IIS default port - Edit Site Binding

Change the IIS default port 80 to, lets say, 8080 (it is safe to do that, 8080 is just an alternative port for HTTP traffic).

Change IIS default port - change to 8080

And that should be it. IIS default port 80 has been changed to port 8080, so the glorious APP team can use their application on port 80 🙂

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